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Pier and Beam Repair

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A pier and beam foundation is a type of foundation that is not as common as a slab or basement foundation. The homeowner benefits from simpler access to heating and plumbing since a pier and beam foundation allow for a crawl space. When homeowners walk over the floor, a pier and beam foundation is topped with a wood platform, which may be more relaxing on joints and backs. With that said, these foundations also need maintenance and repair work from time to time.


Damaged Pier and Beam causes

A concrete pier stretches all the way around the perimeter of many modern pier and beam foundations, offering extra structural support for the house. Pier and beam foundations are made up of joists, which are thick beams that run horizontally and vertically. The condition of these joists influences the extent of required repairs as well as overall costs. Termites are indeed a common cause of foundation damage to piers and beams. Mold and mildew thrive in the smallest cracks and fissures in wood. These poisons then develop and spread, deepening the fissures and causing serious foundation damage.


Pier and Beam Repair Solution

Lifting with pressed pilings, implying new support beams, could be used to repair concrete piers. Steel or concrete pilings strengthen a foundation and aid in the overall support of a home. Instead of patching or other types of repairs, rotted joists must be replaced. Lifting the floors of a pier and beam house and inserting steel shims in between the joists and floor is known as re-shimming. If the supports have collapsed or deteriorated, they may need to be replaced. Before rebuilding wood beams, a termite or rodent infestation must be treated. To prevent further damage, your property may require fumigation or the installation of a protective barrier around the wood beam foundation.


Good Installation and maintenance

Installing a high-quality crawlspace ventilation system is a fantastic option for maintaining the integrity of a pier and beam foundation. Humidity encourages the growth of wood roots and mold, whereas a pier and beam foundation ventilation system keeps the wood dry and in good condition. Re-shimming a house or replacing worn and deteriorated wood beams with sturdier concrete or steel beams eliminates settling and movement on a poor foundation and lowers the need for interior repairs. Difficult leveling techniques have been mastered by our team of foundation professionals. We can replace all of the current failing piers with new ones, or we can build more piers and beams to support over-spanned beams or increased loads.


Cost of Pier and Beam repairs

Repairing or replacing piers and beams should not have to cost you an arm or a leg. We do however encourage you to contact a reputable and trustworthy foundation repair expert for a full inspection on the current state of the possible damages. Little Elm Foundation Repairs can assist with detailed and thorough inspections and a free pier and beam estimation. Pier and beam foundations are simple at first glance, but they require years of experience to correctly diagnose and repair. Trust us for honest, effective, and top-rated pier and beam inspections and repair work.

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